How is Covid-19 changing your life for the better?

How is Covid-19 changing your life? Can anyone deny our lives have changed almost overnight?

We have been told how to live our lives.  Our children are no longer in school.  We’re worried about our parents.

People over sixty-five are being told they are basically useless in this crisis. They feel like a burden simply because of their age. We all know that sixty-five is the new forty-five or even forty. Seventy-five? The new sixty-five or even sixty.

Young parents are worried about how they will make ends meet if they lose their jobs.

College students might not get to walk through their graduation ceremony. 

High school proms might not be a “thing” this year.

Weddings compromised.


But let’s put this in perspective.

  • We are not listening to bombers flow overhead.
  • We are not building bomb shelters.
  • We are not rationing food.
  • We are not being led to gas chambers.
  • We are not in hiding. 
  • We are not being denied our faith. (If God only resides in a building, we are all doomed.)

We are simply being asked to inconvenience ourselves a little. We are being asked to get over our hurt feelings because we are feeling targeted.


But just maybe it’s been for the better.

Today I saw entire families walking and enjoying the out-of-door while still maintaining “social distancing”. I haven’t seen that for a while.

We are being forced to slow down. 

We are being forced to reconsider our priorities. Is it really necessary to run out to the store for groceries or can we get creative and make do with what we have? 

Most church attenders will have to watch their church’s live stream worship service. We now have a sense of what our lives might be like were we not living in a country where faith is still protected by our constitution. 

Most of us are reaching out to others and making contact so we don’t experience “social isolation” instead of “social distancing”.

We are forced to trust our leaders no matter what political party they represent. My own governor is doing a great job for our state even if I’m not a member of her particular political party.

But perhaps most importantly, we are learning that we’ve taken our health for granted. Now that it’s threatened, we value it more than we ever have. 

We are nervous about this whole process. But remember, God is in this. He’s inviting us to trust in Him. 

The downside is that some people are not doing their part. They are completely ignoring the recommendations from the CDC and from our leaders. They are the same ones who will cause our hospitals to be dangerously overburdened. The danger isn’t so much from the virus as it is from foolish people thinking only of themselves. 

Remind those you know that this is a real threat. This is not “made-up” as some would believe. The restrictions that are being put in place are without precedent. None of this has ever been implemented before. We need to continuously remind those we know how serious this Co-vid virus is. Then we must make sure we are doing our part. 

We need to PRAY about this every day, for wisdom for our leaders, for those whose lives have been negatively impacted by this, for all hospital workers. There is a lot to pray for.

I often hear people say how they hope this pandemic changes people. I often want to ask, change who, change what? I find it interesting that it’s other people that need changing.

I say, what about us? We can never change anyone else. What about us needs to change? If we each focused on that, we wouldn’t have to worry about the other guy.

So how are YOU changing?

How am I changing?

Some of us are being forced to change a lot because of grief, unemployment, etc. Some of us have choices about what to change.

I want to make sure that the changes in my life aren’t just about me and for me. When so many are suffering for various reasons, any change I make in my own life needs to be other-directed. I pray about that daily.

“Lord, make me an instrument of your will.”

So take this forced time of confinement to establish some new habits. But don’t decide on them willy-nilly. Check-in with God. What would he have you change? And any habit God wants you to change, God will empower you to change it. Philippian 4:13.

God bless each of you. Stay healthy and help others to stay healthy t by following the CDC’s guidelines. 

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(I want to add that I am well aware that for millions of people right now who are unemployed, this might seem like a frivolous post. But I want to remind you that it is often during really hard times, that change for the better is the easiest to accomplish. I’ve been there. I don’t write from the viewpoint of never having experienced job loss or never having been through tough times. Trust me on this one.)