lazy neighbors


lazy neighbors

Melt-down Monday again. Today’s situation that really bugs me is lazy neighbors. You know the kind. The ones that don’t keep their yard neat.  No, I’m not talking about accidentally leaving toys out overnight now and then or leaving the yard tools out on occasion.  I’m not that fussy.

But what I am talking about is the habitually messy yard.  I get it if the yard isn’t mowed every week. Let me give you an example.

We have an area between my neighbor’s house and mine that even though it borders both driveways, only about one foot along the edge is our property. The rest, at least six feet, is theirs. I have transplanted ground cover, weeded, etc .to keep the area neat while the neighbor, who has as much free time as I do sits in the house and compliments me about being such a hard worker. Finally,  I reminded her that the area I’m working on is her yard not mine.

Now you might ask why I’m even doing it. The way our driveways and houses are configured, one sees this area when using my driveway but not when they use theirs.  And if I have to look at it, it’s going to look good.

So if you’re this kind of neighbor, please take care of your house and surroundings. Keep it neat.  We have a responsibility to fellow property owners to