old photo

the week in review and a tear

This week has been a week of unpacking and easing back into a schedule after two weeks away.

But before I started this post my husband handed a picture he had printed out that someone had sent him. It’s a picture of my dad and his relatives. The picture would’ve been taken in Arkansas.  (My dad is the young man furthest to the left holding a little boy.)

old photo

My dad died fifteen years ago and even after all these years ,it brought a lump to my throat. Someday I’ll write a post about him—-but not today.

We never forget.

I started off Monday and Tuesday posting about a great word, “ANYWAY”. It’s a great word and I think it’s a hopeful word.

Wednesday I wrote about politics. Ugh!!! Can I just say, I will be glad when it’s all over.

angry cat

Thursday  I shared what Victoria’s Secret really is.winky face

Friday I shared an important health study all people, especially women, should read. If you read no other post, please read this one. It’s so important.

Do you have plans for this week-end? Some people like their week-ends to be open-ended. Sometimes that’s great. But I remind you that if you suffer from depression, try to have a plan. Don’t let depression call the shots.

Accomplish something. 

God bless and have good day.