thrift store purses

Some week-ends you just hit gold

OK. I’ve had some good garage sale finds in the past but wait till you see these purses.

There is a mission store near our cabin. They practically give things away. Every once in a while they have a twenty-five cents sale. This last week-end, that was the case.

Seriously, these purses were a quarter a piece. Three of them are Stone Mountain purses. They sell for a couple of hundred dollars. Just saw them at one of our department stores.  Honestly, when I checked out with these SEVEN, yes, I said SEVEN, purses, I felt like I was stealing. (I did make an extra donation.) And no, I’m not keeping all of them. I’ve already given away two of them and have a third one earmarked for a friend.


I love me a little “bling” so I’m keeping this one.

thrift store purses


This one went to someone else.thrift store purses


This is one of the Stone Mountain purses. It looked kind of dirty so I threw it in the washer and just a few minutes in the dryer. (Bet you didn’t know you could do that. I’ve done it numerous times. Doesn’t hurt a thing and let’s face it, what did I have to lose. Just a quarter.

thrift store purses


Keeping this blue one.  It is so cute.  Beautiful color, too. And don’t you just love the bow?thrift store purses



I just love this one. It’s a vintage purse and just adorable. It’s a little brighter yellow than appears here.

thrift store purses