Is it just me or do you feel like all this is surreal?

I hope it’s not just me but this whole crisis still doesn’t seem real to me.

I mean, I’m walking every day as usual.

I’m going to bed and getting up at the normal times.

I’m eating.

I’m working on projects around the house.

I’m doing all the things I usually do.


It started to get real yesterday. My hubby and I went to pick up his prescription, through the drive-thru. My instinct was to say, “Hey, I’ll run into the store for a minute and pick up some items.”

But my husband and I were at a hospital a week ago and that particular area has reported some cases of Covid-19. So because we need to be two weeks out from that date to be sure we aren’t unknowingly carrying the virus, we didn’t go in.

For the first time, it felt real.

Then I go to thinking, “How long till I see my family members again?”

We don’t dare visit our son because of his recent heart surgery.

Are you there, too?

I mean some days it feels real but other days it doesn’t.

But it is real. Too real. I watch news shows and I see how scary it is in some cities, and I selfishly hope it doesn’t come my way. And when I hear the news that men are twice as likely to die from this virus, across all age groups, I really hope it doesn’t come this way.

It’s real all right. Too real.

So for now, I pretend life is normal until it hits me over the head that it isn’t.

I hope as you have your personal time with God, that the “realness’ of all this draws you closer to God.

It has for me. Especially when I remember that God knew all this was going to happen and he already prepared the way. He will be there at the end of this journey just like he was in the beginning, and he’s walking with us in the present, every step of the way.

God bless each of you. Stay home and stay safe.

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