junk on the curbside

the week in review and hoping for freedom from stress

I needed a break from some stress I’m feeling these past few weeks.

I’m headed up to “Teeny, Tiny, Red Cabin” today.

Teeny Tiny Red Cabin

worrying, depression

We don’t have internet service there so I’ve scheduled my posts ahead of time through Saturday.

But because some of them will not have posted by the time I leave, I won’t be able to include the links. So to find the posts for  Wed, Thurs, and Fri, it will be necessary to scroll back a few days.

Monday I posted about how grateful I am that God understands my need for rest and how this was a practice Jesus engaged in as well.

Tuesday I asked a question, “Are there any do-overs in life? Can we refund a lousy day”.

Wednesday was about all the healing benefits of water. If you didn’t read this post, you really should. There was a lot I learned about the benefits of drinking water that I hadn’t known before. Maybe some of it will be new to you as well.

Thursday, I shared how much I love spring and junk at the curbside. I just picked up a smaller type pallet yesterday that I’m thrilled about. (Hubby doesn’t know. Hoping to hide it among all the others.)

Friday I shared about the “Oxford comma”. Remember, Friday I write about whatever strikes my “fancy”.

I hope your weekend is great. I plan on sitting on the front porch of my bunkhouse and reading and listening for some particular insight from God about an issue.

black settee/bunkhouse

I plan on drinking ice tea and laying in the hammock and looking for God in the clouds.

I plan on walking the country road and listening to my recently downloaded “Oldies but Goodies” music.

These are my plans but I know God can change those plans and I’m OK with that. Whatever detours come my way, God will meet me at each crossroad.

God bless and have a wonderful week-end.