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I have no idea why my parents chose my name. I think my mom just liked it.  For years I was called “Becky”. I always felt childlike with that name. It was just too “cutesy”. Plus, I couldn’t imagine growing older and being called any name that ended with a “y”. Just too juvenile for me.  So years ago, when I met someone, I always told them to call me “Rebecca”.  Also might I add that I think it’s ill-mannered to call anyone by a nickname unless you ask their permission. When I meet someone with a name that has a nickname, I always ask, “What do you like to be called, (using Barbara as an example) Barbara or Barb?” When I introduce myself and someone starts to call me by my nickname, I correct them kindly and just say I prefer to be called by my given name.

I get a lot of “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm”. That’s fine with me. It’s positive sounding.

I like my name a lot. It suits me. It’s not exotic or sexy. It’s kind of wholesome sounding. That’s me. I like the fact that it has three syllables instead of two or only one. I also like the fact that while it’s not uncommon, it’s uncommon enough.

So kudos to my parents. You did good.