The best place to shop for craft supplies

Today is Tuesday Tidbits where I share with you some “good to know” things I’ve run across.

If you’re a “crafter” like me, you will really appreciate this. This is an article I re-pinned to one of my boards. It is not original to me. Just want to be up front about it.

Tuesday Tidbits


I think we all know, don’t we , that sometimes just because a supply is labeled “craft” or “sewing” or even “fishing”, we don’t have to purchase those items at a certain type of  store that features these items. It’s about being frugal.

My husband quite frequently buys fishing supplies at a craft store.

I never, ever buy spray paint at a crafts store! Even with the coupon it’s almost twice as much as what I would pay at Home Depot, for example.

Jewelry making supplies can be purchased at home improvement stores.

And if you’re an artist those little sample pots of paint are many times over cheaper at home improvement stores than at craft stores. Do the math sometimes. It’s astounding. And there’s really no difference in the paint. If you need glitter, you can add it. If you want to “crackle” something, there are formuas all over Pinterest.

So check this out.


Tuesday TidbitsGod bless and I hope you have a good day.