The Christmas decorating is almost done!

I’m having great difficulty with WP today. I had a great post almost done when the site went down. Hopefully, you will get it tomorrow. I wanted you to know all is well here although I’ve been very lax in posting. There are reasons.

So I am reposting this from last year.

The Christmas decorating is almost done. But before I share some pictures:

Hope you all had a wonderful and healthy Thanksgiving.

We spent it with just the two of us but I went all out and fixed a nice Thanksgiving dinner, albeit a roasted chicken instead of a turkey.

Christmas decorating

How is your Christmas shopping coming? I’m almost done but haven’t finished handmade items. How about decorating? How many of you are decorating despite the fact that no one might be in your home?

However,I still have unopened boxes of Christmas decorations but I did quite a bit of decorating anyway. It’s almost done. Consequently, I want to encourage all of you to do at least some decorating. It’s important for YOU! WE need to bake cookies, decorate, shop (on-line), and do all the things we usually do because it’s important to keep up our spirits. So I encourage you to do the same.

Don’t let Covid rob you of this Christmas. It’s taken so much already. Don’t let it take Christmas as well.

Anyway, here’s some more pictures. I showed you the hutch last week but I did add to it. It’s still very simple.

I went all natural in the dining room. Here’s the table.

Natural Christmas scene

The gray trees are wrapped with yarn. The other trees and the wooden animals are from Target this year. The “alpaca” type animal is from Walmart. It’s an ornament. Don’t you just love decorating for Christmas?

I wanted “quieter” Christmas decorations. My dining room table has a peaceful look to it, doesn’t it?

I’ve had the batting wrapped old world Santas for years.

Here is my hutch with additional trees.

Will show you some more later this week. As you can see can see, I like DIY Christmas decorations. I seldom buy actual decorations.

It’s getting hard again.

This is getting to be hard once again. We are missing family and friends. We are missing the library, shopping at lesure, sitting in a coffee shop with friends…..

But for what we are missing, we can also draw closer to God. We can trust him to direct us and get us through this. However, we can trust that God sees it all and hates it as much as we do. But we can trust also, that God can grow us during this time.

For me, I have finished my book, it’s close to production process. I’ve cleaned out drawers and closets and rethought much of my life. It is a time we can use wisely or not. It’s our choice.

For me, I’ve decided it’s a time grow closer to God and watch for what he is going to do.

Have a great day and decorate your house for Christmas!

God bless and stay safe.

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