grace explained-not so much

The older I get the more I’m amazed at God’s grace.


Sometimes I think I understand what grace is but then God showers me in such a way I realize I didn’t have a clue. And, of course, it always comes when I least deserve it. And, of course, that’s exactly what grace is,


Does that astonish you as much as it does me? I mean really?



We talk about God’s grace all the time. but it’s only when we experience it that we even get a glimpse of the concept. But grace can never be anticipated. Counted on, yes, anticipated, no. It only comes right when we need it and God is the one who decides when and how that grace will be given

I think that’s what He intended.

I mean if grace were something we could really “define” and put in the dictionary, wouldn’t it lose some of its wonder?

Now, yes, I know the word is in the dictionary. But that’s like the word “love”. There is a definition in a dictionary but it falls short when we actually experience it.

And, of course, it should. Don’t we want love to be something beyond the limits of definition?

There are some concepts for which we don’t have the knowledge or even the words to describe, because only God does.

Here are a few I will never get:


Mercy  Salvation Grace








For a woman who likes things wrapped up in neat packages, when I can’t explain something, I flounder.

Yet when it comes to all things of faith, I’m kind of glad I can’t wrap it up neatly. It makes me trust and  and grow my faith.

So if you’re like me and like to wrap things up, rest assured, you can’t. Not when it comes to God and His domain.

Yes, I write about faith issues all the time but I’m always aware of the restrictions. Yet, it is through reading what others have written and writing ourselves if we are so inclined, that we grow spiritually. In fact, God instructs us to study and grow and learn. But we also have to be aware that we will never really understand.

We are all only searchers at best.

stones of grace
stones of grace

God bless and I hope you have a good day.