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How being a reader can make an author.

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Reading is a prerequisite for becoming an author. Being a reader is what makes an author. This is practically the first rule for all writers. Read and then read some more.

This is another post I wrote a few years ago. I’m reposting it today because there is a direct link between this post and the fact that I’ve completed my book.

I love words. I love good writing. I love reading.  I love books. Good books.

I’m particularly fond of novels that take place between the fifteenth and eighteenth century. I’m always surprised that people haven’t changed much.  The only thing that has changed is the clothes we wear. I like John Grisham and David Baldacci. and cozy mysteries, although reading a novel is a luxury as I generally read non-fiction.

I’m always reading.  I’m an incessant reader. Sometimes I pick up a book and wish I could have lunch and a conversation with the author, especially authors like Dallas Willard, Charles Spurgeon, Hannah Whitehall, and many others. Some of them seem to be speaking to me personally.

I find words fascinating. The words we use, how we use them, everything about them I like. I pay attention to my own words.  times, I’I admire people who have a great command of the English language.

The Path

landscape photo of pathway between green leaf trees

When I wrote the above, I had already been writing for a few years but it was one of those on-again-off-again activities. When Covid-19 hit and Michigan was locked down, I found the impetus and time to finish it. I finally became a “writer” and was willing and brave enough to call myself that.

I had always read that the best way to write is to read, A LOT! Being a reader makes an author. Well, that’s certainly true of me. Now, I’m tracking the books I read. I’m shooting for four books a month. So far so good. I have a hunch I’ve always read this much. I just hadn’t tracked it.

I’m using my BUJO (Bullet Journal) for this.

I’m sharing this today because as I reread this post and the update, I can see God’s hand so clearly. I’ve questioned the timing of this book because in some ways it seems I should have finished it sooner. But as I look back over the years, I’m simply trusting this was the right time for reasons God only knows.

I know that when I read my old posts, I am a much better writer now. I am sitting here in wonder as I think how God has been bringing me to this point. The truth is, I’ve been writing for years here and it was all in preparation for the devotional I have written.

I had never even thought about blogging. I believe that was from God, too. And I think it brought me through some very hard times. In fact, God was ahead of me on this path holding out his hand. Writing on this blog further equipped me as I noticed I got the most responses when I wrote about depression and anxiety.


If you are in a place where you are wondering what God is doing, be patient. God is always working behind the scenes. And eventually, it all comes together. Click To Tweet

I found it hard to believe that too. There were times I got discouraged and almost gave up. Good writing is hard and it’s even harder when you’re writing depression.

Trust God.

He is always working.

God bless and don’t give up. Stay safe, too.