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Worry strikes. What should Christians really do?


Worry steals our joy. Does anyone doubt that? Why do we tell ourselves we are lousy Christians if we say we are worried?

What worry should prompt

My hubby and I were talking the other day about the subject and we both agreed that it is worry that drives us to our knees in prayer. In most Christian circles we would be chastised for saying that because good Christians don’t worry.

Worry or concern

It wasn’t mere concern that drove Jesus to His knees. You don’t sweat tears of blood for a mere concern, now do you? Yes, I know he was Jesus but he was also human and he was most certainly human in the Gethsemane garden. He is our example. Do you think Christ would’ve given us a false example? Of course not. Besides, doesn’t the Bible teach that Jesus experienced everything we experience? That means he experienced fear, worry, anxiety, and the same emotions we experience.

God sees behind our masks

Do you think Christ can’t see through our mask? That somehow when we pray and say we’re concerned, God doesn’t see the coverup? That he doesn’t hear the word we’re actually thinking?

Christians will say they are “concerned” not “worried”. God forbid we should use any other word. It reeks of immature faith, right? How many times are we told not to worry?  But if we say we’re “really concerned” that’s acceptable.

How about we all start being more honest and saying what we really feel?

Here’s another thought.

Worry/anxiety that doesn’t bring us to God is what gets us into trouble. When we don’t bring our worries to God, it only makes it worse. In Philippians 4:5 & 6 we are told to bring our anxiety to God in prayer. And that when we do that, we will find peace and comfort.

When we call our worry a concern, we won’t bring it to Him.

Call it what it is.

Don’t sugarcoat it.

It is harmful. Period

Continual fretting and anxiety lead to a host of medical and mental problems. We needn’t add any self-condemnation to the mix. Too many Christians live under a load of pre-conceived do’s and don’ts. Jesus said not to worry but he didn’t say beat yourself up about it. He tells us to pray about our worries each day and not borrow any more from the future.

The correct response

close up shot of a person holding a cross pendant/worry

So worry is wrong only if doesn’t prompt the right response in us. When we pray and call it what it is, we are doing exactly what Philippians 4:5 & 6, teach.

“Don’t be anxious about anything but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

This morning my prayers brought me to tears because and not because of concern. Let your worries drop you to your knees and cause you to cry out.

Have a blessed day.