Praying your worry

worry and prayer/google images
worry and prayer/google images

(This week I will be focusing on mental health issues. Some of the posts might be longer than usual, like this one. 🙂  Just so ya’ know.”

Isn’t it interesting how the color blue is supposed to be peaceful and at the same time we use that color to describe a low mood? “I’m feeling kind of blue today.” It’s the only color of the color chart I can think of that has opposing interpretations. I bring it up because the weather here is pretty drab and it suits my mood.

I am kind of blue. There are some people I’m concerned about. And nothing can color me “blue” quicker than worrying about the people I love. And yes I said “worry”. I’m a Christian and, yes, I worry. And yes I know, the Bible tells us not to worry. At least that’s what we think it says.

It’s what we’ve heard from the pulpit. So we feel guilty the minute we acknowledge we’re worrying. But wait a minute. What does the Bible mean when it says not to worry? Do you really believe that God expects us to walk around with our heads in the clouds? When you meet those kind of people who dish out, “Trust God.”,  like they do “Good morning.” Do they strike you as genuine and kind of shallow?  We turn those kind of people off because they’re spewing out platitudes. Do you really believe it’s all small stuff? Have you ever really read the Bible? Because if you have, you have read how worry has prompted all kinds of constructive action.

Why do you think Jesus preached so much about worry? It’s because He felt it Himself. He experienced all the emotions we do and yet He was without sin. (Hmmmm.) That’s why He’s our trusted Intercessor. We can go to Him in prayer and cry out, “Lord, I’m worried about thus and such.” We don’t have to use nondescript and insincere words because we can trust Jesus/God to understand. Not as a casual observer but as someone who knows what worry feels like.

It’s not the worry that’s the problem. How in the world do we pray fervently if not prompted by worry? You can call it what you want, but it’s worry. It‘s how long we worry, and what we do with our worry.

Worry is destructive when we continue to worry, when every minute is filled with our worry. When our worry keeps us from functioning. Worry can be constructive when it drops us to our knees in prayer. One might even go so far as to say that it is worry that inspires us to pray our most effective prayers. I’ve noticed in my own life, I’m a much more fervent  prayer when there are things in my life that are worrying me.

It’s time we realized that the Bible is written for real people with real emotions. Jesus came for real people with real problems. Don’t be afraid to bring it all to Him, raw and unedited. I can’t tell you how strongly I feel about this. I’m tired of Christians who turn off everyone they meet by pretending they never feel the emotions that everyone feels. Give me a Christian that is real and honest about where they are. They’ll be the strongest Christians you will ever meet.

Yes, I’m going to suggest today that you pray about your worry, that you pray “worried”. God does meet us in our prayer and give us hope for the things that worry us. Constant and out-of–control worry is destructive and the Scriptures are clear about that. We are told to bring our anxiety to God and leave it there. And that might mean we have to do it more than once.

God is our Rock and like standing on any rock, it requires balance and determination. Have you ever tried to stand on a slippery rock? It’s hard. But God promises us that He will keep us from falling into the churning waters below. But if you try to stand on that rock and refuse to admit it’s slippery (like refusing to admit you’re worried), you will fall off.

“Psalm 40: 1-2  I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted my out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet upon a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.

Give your worry to God today, as often as you need to. Be determined to let it go. You have to make that conscious decision. Don’t continue to carry worry on your shoulders. God bless and I mean it when I say I pray for my followers. Today is one of those days I’ll be praying for anyone having a “blue” day.