have a good Sunday

It occurs to me as I’m getting ready for church that Sundays can be a bad day for people who deal with depression. We kind of feel out-of-sorts. Our schedules are not as structured. A bad thing when you’re depressed.

My day is good but yesterday I had an out- of- the-blue sudden drop in my mood. I was really tired so I knew that was probably the cause. So what did I do? Believe it or not,  I exercised hard on my elliptical and was much better after that. Exercise can really stave off an anxiety attack.

But when I got up this morning I remembered yesterday’s plunge and wanted to offer some encouragement.

Please know I’m praying for you. I know that’s hard to understand how I could pray for strangers but I can and I do. I believe God hears my prayers.

So today I’m bringing you to God and asking that God hold you up today.