Seaman's church scarf

Have you heard of Seaman’s Church?

I was getting ready to ditch some leftover yarn and that got me to thinking about knitting and that got me to thinking about finding some new patterns to use up the bits and pieces, and  that, of course, led to Pinterest and ultimately this great website. know, this is It’s a charitable organization called Seamen’s Church. You can find the site here. 

The site encourages knitters to knit certain styles of scarfs and hats for seamen. When you are done, you box them up and send them to this organization and they distribute them to the seaman. I found the patterns interesting as some of them are quite specific for reasons the site explains.

Here’s one I’m making from some leftover yarn.  I had to take these pictures with my cell phone. There was no way I could download them directly to my computer.

Seaman's church scarf

Here’s a few others:


img_8283 img_8285


Seamen's Hats

I  was a little surprised at the pink, and blue items. Doesn’t seem “seafaring” to me but then I remembered all the men’s pastel shirts I find in the department store and I guess it’s appropriate. Besides, think of every “sea and ocean” movie (outside of the Titantic), they’re dark and moody and everything is kind of gray. So I guess these colors would brighten one’s spirits.

This really appealed to me because of something else I’m doing this Christmas. I’ve knitted scarves for the Rescue Mission for years, about ten or so. Last year, after Christmas, I went kind of nuts buying yarn at JoAnn’s. Plus, I’m always finding yarn at thrift shops. So-o-o-o, I thought, why not see how many scarves I can knit for this Christmas?

When the months were really hot, I didn’t knit as much, but I’m still on track. I’ve also been sewing some infinity scarves from fabric as well. I’ll let you know the final count.

It’s really going to warm my heart, to know I’m warming the heads and necks of these seafaring men. (Maybe women, too, I don’t know. Are there seafaring women?)

Oh, and please take make the insensitive remark, “She has too much time on her hands.” Besides, it’s always the busy person that gets things done. Just so you know, the bible says the same thing. 🙂

So the Seaman project was a perfect fit for me.

God bless and have a good day.


















I decided to look up some websites for encouragement and perhaps some direction. I particularly liked this one from Apartment Therapy.