“The Spirit who…

“The Spirit who inhabits us is not mute, restricting himself to an occasional nudge, a hot flash, a brilliant image or a case of goosebumps.”

This quote is from Dallas Willard’s book, “Hearing God”. I have already referenced this book a lot and will continue to do so. If you want a real challenge, read everything he writes. He stands in good company with Spurgeon, Chambers, Nouwen, Peck, Tozer, Foster and others. I read this right after I posted Did I vote my convictions or not? You decide

(BTW, Can I just say as a woman that Willard’s wife should’ve edited the hotflash and goosebumps parts?)

2 thoughts on ““The Spirit who…”

  1. Rebecca,
    I always appreciate your thoughts. I do however, disagree with the “He” manifestation of what Ggod is.
    Joseph Campbell said, “Is the god the source, or is the god a human manner of conceiving of the force and energy that supports the world? In our tradition God is a male. This male and female differentiation is made, however, within the field of time and space, the field of duality. If God is beyond duality, you cannot say that God is a “He.” You cannot say God is a “She.” You cannot say God is an “It.”
    I believe this is closer than anything to what this power greater than us is.

    1. Hey Jim,

      I agree with you totally. I believe God is spirit. “God is spirit and we worship him in Spirit and truth.” I use the common “he” because it is how most people refer to God. God’s feminine side is referred to often in Scripture. And I’m also very aware how hard it is for some people to relate to a loving Father when their own was anything but I don’t want to explain what I mean by “he” on every post so I guess I leave that up to the reader.

      I like Joseph Campbell myself but I think he had a different perspective about God as evidenced by how he refers to God I believe in a much more personal God than “the” God Campbell refers to. Thanks again Jim.

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