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the week in review and Happy Easter

The week began with a post about how to avoid strongholds in our life. Boy, there sure are some, aren’t there?

I’m a small woman. Not super thin, but a size six or eight at the most. But food has been a “go to” for me, a stronghold, whenever I’ve needed to soothe myself, even though I’ve had IBS attacks since I was really young.

I had that really bad flare-up last week. Food has been a stronghold for me that I feel I’m finally managing. I’m not ever going to be there one hundred percent because I like my “sweets” but I’m light years ahead of where I was a  year ago, for example. I feel it was been a spiritual victory for me and it’s been a hard-fought battle.

I share that with you to encourage you, not to “puff” myself up. I will write about it more in the future.

Tuesday I shared a post about up-cycling and shared some great DIY projects.

Wednesday I shared how “updating” can turn into “updating creep” with our values as well. It’s something to watch out for.

Thursday was about “me”, meaning you, me and all of us. I shared how sometimes I’m not good at playing. But then you probably know that based on what I just shared with you. Indulging the “me” in me means spending time with other people. (Yes, honey, (addressing hubby here) you are other people but sometimes I need “gal” time just like you need “guy” time.)

Friday I rounded up the week with another DIY project that you might want to copy for Easter.

Anyway that was my week.

I hope your Easter is wonderful.

God bless and have a good day.