thrift shopping continued

English: Salvation Army Thrift Store, Santa Mo...
English: Salvation Army Thrift Store, Santa Monica, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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thrift shopping continued

Ok, so I tried to post the previous post from my I-phone and only pictures came through. So now comes the “rest of the story”.

I’m in Fl, right? We flew down, didn’t drive, right? Are you getting the gist of all this now that you’ve seen the pictures? Why do I find such treasures when I can do nothing about it? That is so frustrating! I spent all afternoon thinking about how I could at least get the one-of-a kind vase home. My sweet hubby said he would put it  in his bag. (By the way, it’s about eighteen inches tall.) I was thrilled. He also said he’d didn’t want to hear for weeks about how I should’ve at least tried to get the vase home. He knows me too well. That is exactly what I would have done!

I’ll let you know if it gets home in one piece.

(By the way, when we went back to the Salvation Army store, it was no longer on sale. I almost didn’t spend the $5.00. I wanted it at half price which is what it had been that morning. I can be so cheap. As I was suggesting to the clerk that after all, it was now only six and the sale ended at four, my husband just rolled his eyes and went ahead and bought it.)