what does my blog say about me?


This blog is written in response to the daily prompt, mirror, mirror, on the wall. What does my blog say about me? Hmmm, I’m not sure I know but I think I need to know, so here goes with some impromptu remarks.

I think it says I have way too many interests and am interested in way too many subjects. Which makes figuring out what to write about difficult. That’s why I started my other blog, At least there I know what my subject matter is. Even then I wished I’d named it something else because it’s really more about healthy mental living, not just depression.

I’m glad I found this prompt because it’s helped me clarify for myself what I want this blog to be. I want it to show the subjects I’m interested in as well as general musings about life as I experience it. I want this blog to be “lighter” than depressionsgift but include my interests in deeper issues. Both blogs will reflect my faith, not always in words but certainly in perspective.

Sometimes I look in my mirror and like what I see. Other times, not so much. Some days I’m interested in art, other days recipes. Lots of time, DIY projects. All I have to do is look at my boards on Pinterest to know how scattered I am at times. (I had no idea I was interested in that many things.) This is the blog I want to post DIY projects and decorating ideas from my home.  I may eventually combine these blogs but I’m worried I will lose followers or screw the whole thing up.

I think I just wrote this post for me only. I finally have it figured out for myself, where I’m heading here.  Thanks WordPress for the great prompt.

3 thoughts on “what does my blog say about me?”

  1. Rebecca, I LOVE your blogs on both sites. I don’t often leave comments because the Word Press thing has me baffled (not a difficult task) although I’ve used it in the past for auctions. So, I will take the time (I’m very ADD) to encourage you and suggest that perhaps, other readers may be having the same issues responding to your posts. DO NOT lose heart; I WILL leave a reply and I ask others who might be having the same technological issues to pursue until they get through 🙂

    1. Thanks Rhonda for the words of encouragement. Means a lot. Just play around at the bottom of the posts and keep clicking till you figure it out. I would tell you how exactly except I don’t know how the blog looks on your server and your computer. You’ll figure it out. God bless.

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