a doctor’s appointment

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Tomorrow is my annual physical. Or should I say my bi-annual physical. Actually, I rarely have a physical. I’m really not going for that anyway. I’m going because I’m tired of my body “attacking” me. That’s what these random shooting pains feel like. Like my body is “turning” on me.

I began my own therapy about ten days ago, two aspirin a day. It has really helped but I know I shouldn’t stay on that regime without a doctor’s supervision. It could all be due to my foot condition (possible PTTD), and if it is then it’s back to the foot doctor.

I’m only sharing this because pain can be a real trigger for depression. Fatigue can be a real trigger. We get discouraged and tired when we’re in pain and yet pain, like depression, can be a gift if we learn from it. So I encourage all of you tonight who are struggling with medical issues not to let depression grab you by the throat.

Tomorrow is another day.

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