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A hard but important truth about prayer.

From E.M.Boounds:

Prayer which does not result in right thinking and right living, is a farce. We miss the whole point of prayer if it fails to purge character and change conduct.

The character of the inner life is a condition of effectual praying. As is the life, so will the praying be. An inconsistent life obstructs praying and neutralizes what little praying we may do. It must be fortified by a life aiming, unceasingly, to obey God.

Praying must come out of a cleansed heart. The fruit of real praying is right living.

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Here are my thoughts about what E. M. wrote today. There were certainly some tough words today, huh?

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My Take

I had a hard time with the first two sentences myself. But as I reread them, however, I knew them to be true.

For example, why do we pray if we don’t expect to see a change in our lives? Also, t seems to me, that the more we lead a righteous life, think righteous thoughts, our prayer life gets stronger. So it’s kind of like a circle of righteousness.

Righteous prayer leads to righteous living and righteous living then leads to righteous living.

That’s a word, righteousness, we don’t use often these days. Maybe we should.

Maybe we should take stock of the changes in our lives. Are there any?

I’m a big believer in monitoring my life. The self-examined life is important. How else will we know if we are improving in some areas of not if we don’t run a self-check now and then.

For me, I’m going to use my Bullet Journal for this. Exactly how, I don’t know though.

And ideas?

Once I figure it out, I will certainly post about it.

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