A most unusual garage sale find

Table of Contents

  1. 1.The first “find”
  2. 2. Another great “find”.

1.The first “find”

I found the most unusual garage sale item a few weekends ago. As I was leaving I found this in their discarded pile of wood. To say I was thrilled is an understatement.

I love pieces like this. I have no idea what it is but I knew it would look great hanging on my wall. It does. I would post a photo but the WP app on my phone is still acting up. You’ll have to admit it’s a pretty unusual garage sale find.

2. Another great “find”.

Then I found this. It’s adorable. The lights are on it in the picture but it’s hard to see. It’s quite large. Again, I will share pictures when I can.

twine pumpkin/garage sale finds

I think the pumpkin was from Pier One so if you have one near your home, you might be able to find it. Our Pier One went out of business.

We were at our cabin last week. I’ve mentioned before the local rescue mission near our cabin. Their clothes were .25 apiece. I loaded up on sweaters for myself and others. What didn’t fit I donated back to the same store. What I don’t like now that I’m home will be donated as well. That means I have a lot of sweaters to swap out. If I can get my photos to download from my phone, I will show you my great bargains next week.

Be sure to read my posts this week as I share that I’m taking an emotion sabbatical, based on Proverbs 4:23, “Above all else, guard your heart for from it flows the springs of life. “

I know. What is an emotion sabbatical anyway? It means giving my emotions a rest. The phrase “emotion sabbatical” (no, not an emotionAL sabbatical, exactly the opposite in fact) is a direct result of God exposing another layer in my life that needs attention. I love how God does that, especially when I’m totally unaware.

Also, the Digital Resources Library has a lot choose from, even a mini-e-book. When you sign up you will receive the password. If you have any difficulties, please let me know.

Hope you have a blessed day. I plan to.