out of the closet about God

I am posting quotes on and off during a couple of periods in Feb. as I might not have my computer readily available. If I do, then I will post in addition to these.)

“By the way of full-disclosure, I believe in God. I’m pretty much out of the closest about that. More specifically, I believe in an all-loving, purposeful God who is willing to give us hard things so we might spiritually progress: not a made-for-Sunday-night-movie Diety whose only goal is, at the end of the day, to make sure a good time was had by all. That kind of being would be as impotent and uncaring as a parent whose only goal in sending their child off to college was to give them a place to party. Life is difficult. but is is also purposeful. And, spoiler alert, in the end love wins.”

I liked this book very much. Check it out.