A unique way to arrange things

Don’t think like a decorator.

A unique way to arrange things means not thinking like a decorator. Now, I am not a professional decorator, but I’m always asked for my opinions, so I assume that’s because people like what I’ve done in my own home. I have a unique approach, and it’s because I also am an artist and see all the vignettes in my home as pictures.

So I looked at every area as a vignette that I would paint as a still life. Or. if you’re not a painter, a still life painting you might buy. If I can envision a painting, I know I’ve got it right. Hopefully, you’ll try this approach and see how it works for you.

Arranging a hutch

First, the dining room hutch. And no, I don’t see this as a possible painting as much as the little vignettes within the hutch.

picture of a unique tin piece/unique

Unique way to arrange old tin piece

I wanted to show this piece above the hutch on its own. It’s a tin piece I’ve had for years. I’ve hung on to it just because I knew I would use it someday. Finally, I decided the reason I hadn’t used it was the finish. I painted it black, and while the paint was still wet, used a metallic glaze and, with a wadded-up rag, kept dabbing it on till I got it right.

Decorative wood pieces like this medallion are pieces I always buy wherever I see them. It was a muted gold, so I didn’t do anything to it except hot-glued it on the front. I need to add more greenery but am waiting for them to go on sale.

The black piece behind it is a metal ceiling tile. I’ve had this for years, too, as well as three others. They’ve been painted many different colors over the years and are my go-to pieces.

More unique decorating

Below is how I used the tin piece at Christmas. Those are metallic gold wreaths I glued on. They easily popped right off.

Again, with the old tin pieces, huh? This tin piece has been painted a number of times. Last year I brushed some metallic gold paint on the elaborate parts. And the medallion piece next to it is a lightweight piece from Hobby Lobby, also from many years ago. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many layers of paint are on it. But I do think I need to add something just above the basket to the left of the small tree. Maybe a small picture?

Decorating my home and changing things up is an excellent anxiety reliever for me. Plus, I love it. I find when I change up my activities, my mind gets fired up, and I think so much better.

Your home should reflect your unique self.

Tomorrow I’ll show you my mantle. If you’re hesitant to change things, just start. Take things out of one room and put them in another. Keep an open mind. For example, pictures can be leaned against a wall, not just hung. And some things you wouldn’t think to put on the wall can be, like lightweight boxes. Rag rugs look great as table runners. Color outside the box.

Your home should reflect you, and you should feel comfortable in it. Maybe you like an abundant look, meaning lots of stuff sitting around. I like having books everywhere. They’re decorative and reflect my love of reading and writing. Or maybe that would make you anxious, and you do better with less. Decorate how you like, not how you think you should.

Have a great week, and God bless.

PS. Hey, I added some greenery to the tin piece on the hutch before I scheduled it. This is so much better. Right? In the spring, I’ll take out the greenery with the pinecones on them and then add more of the other.