Alphabet of thankfulness, “P”

English: Red Pinterest logo
English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are no options to pick from for the letter “P”. I’ve had this one settled on since the beginning. It’s PINTEREST-YEA!!!!! (It was Pinterest last year as well. I know, I know, I could sound like a really great Christian and pick “prayer” but I didn’t.)

Here’s how my descent into the Pinterest “abyss” began. It was October, 2011, when my daughter remarked, “Hey, mom.  I’ve found this neat website I think you might enjoy. It’s called Pinterest. Here, let me show you.” She pulled up the site and showed me how it worked.

“Hmmm”, I said. “I don’t know if it’s something I would like but I’ll give it a try”. One hundred forty-seven boards and twelve thousand pins later, I guess I did more than “give it a try”, huh?

some of my boards
some of my boards

It was downhill after that. I plunged into Pinterest “hell” almost immediately.  

I was hooked.

fish on a hook
fish on a hook

I pinned non-stop for days. I needed an intervention but none was forthcoming.

I had to go cold turkey.

cold turkey
cold turkey

It was hard but after a few days, I was back to normal.  I have slowed down since then but I’m still somewhat obsessed. 


pinterst 2

Why do I like Pinterest?  For one thing, by paying close attention to what I was pinning, I realized that my true decorating style was not reflected in my home. I learned that I love white with touches of black. I love yellow-green paired with pale sea-foam blue. When it came time to redecorate some bedrooms, I didn’t have to think at all.  When it came to the living room and dining room, it was also easy. Lots of black and white.

I think I would like the people who pin. They’re interested in life. They’re creative.  I like that. I like people who are excited about their lives .

However, there does seem to be more and more questionable sites. That concerns me. Why do a few always ruin it for the many? Some pinners have posted controversial pins. I don’t think that’s what Pinterest is supposed to be. I have also run across some foul language but that has been rare.  Also, the site itself has some quirks but hey, it’s free and it seems to pretty “bug” free now.

Pinterest has brought me back to the things I love. I love DIY projects but had gotten away from it for a while. 

I’M  B-A-A-A-A-A-A-C-K

And I’ve yet to try a recipe that hasn’t been successful.

angel food/crushed pineapple cake
angel food/crushed pineapple cake (angel food cake mix (just the dry mix) and one can crushed pineapple juice and all. Don’t over mix. It will froth up when mixed together. Do not grease pan.  Bake in bundt pan or sheet cake pan.

I love the art.


I love the inspirational sayings.


There really isn’t anything about Pinterest  I don’t like except of course, it’s addicting lure.

I ask everyone I meet, “Are you on Pinterest”? If they say no, I explain it to them and tell them they really MUST check it out. 

Oh, no, I’m sending someone else over the edge.  I should be ashamed. 🙂

God bless and I hope you have a good day.


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