Adorable twig and batting rustic trees

Here are some adorable DIY twig and batting trees. It was so easy to make them. And the possibilities are endless. You could stuff them a little. You could use scrapbook paper, felt, even brown paper.

I had a LOT going on last week which you will hear about on Wednesday. It was not a good week but it all ended well and taught me some valuable lessons. Making these cute little rustic twig and batting trees helped ease the stress. Creating always does that for me.

(Sorry about that post you got with just pictures. Sometimes when I post from my phone, it goes straight to publish rather than draft. I’m sure you were quite confused.)

Anyway, I’m going for a “natural” Christmas this year and wanted to make some twig and fabric trees. I just happened to have a stash of wood blocks I wanted to use up.

The process of making the twig and batting trees

I made the trees from cotton batting. These are a no-brainer.

My husband did the drilling as my hands are not strong. He’s been great this year helping me out and even though no family is coming for Christmas, we are pretending they are. I’m trying to keep things as normal this year as possible and want him to have a big part this year to keep his spirits up as well.

We are even baking our famous Anzac cookies tomorrow. More about that later.

This is a tough week for many of you as it is for us. Only once have we missed Thanksgiving with our children. We were in Australia and our flight got cancelled. We knew we might now make it back in time, but again, AUSTRALIA!!!!!

That one words says it all and our children were fine with it.

This year will be the second. Like many of you, we are simply putting good sense first. But it won’t be easy. For any of us. Like you, I’m sure, we remind ourselves there will be many more Thanksgivings and Christmases to come if we’re smart this time around.

Anyway, back to crafting these adorable twig and batting trees.

These pictures pretty much explain it all. I might dry brush the blocks with some white paint as they blend in with the black too much.

Aren’t these rustic and simple twig trees cute?

When I think about that Christmas night, I always imagine it as a simple and quiet journey. It was anything but. I’ll share those thoughts with you later.

For now, I encourage all of you to go about doing as you always do during the Holiday season. Bake cookies, craft, decorate. Be your best creative self. If ever there was a year you need to do that, it’s this year.

Celebrate the joy that comes from knowing redeeming love was born on that wonderful Christmas Eve. Love that will get us through these dark and scary times. Love that allows us, no encourages us, to find joy.

It’s OK to be happy this Christmas.

It’s OK to have fun.

We were born to live a life that is joy-filled. We were meant to enjoy life in a perfect garden.

That’s the default.

The fact that we don’t is the consequence of sin. Perfect love took care of that.

God bless and have a wonderful week.

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