My adorable “grain sack” table. You will love it.

I love grain-sack patterns and wanted to try it on a table. Remind me of my grandma’s farm.

I have a dozen projects that I’m not getting around to. Are you like that?

Oh, good. Me, too.

I finally finished up this table using the grain sack design and I love it. By the way, I love DIYing but since I began writing I have to squeeze them in.

Nesting grain sack table. The how to.

I bought these adorable “nesting” tables (This is just one of them, the tallest one) about two years ago and I’ve been using this one even though it has been crying for a new color. It was stained a dark color.  But I forgot to take a “before” picture.

I was taking Prednisone at the time and boy, did I have excess energy. However, I got a LOT done. Of course, Of course, I wasn’t sleeping either!

Here’s it is with the first coat of Heirloom White by Rustoleum 3X.

DIY/painted table/grainsack striping

This picture shows how I taped it off. No, I didn’t measure except for finding the vertical middle. I used Iron Ore by Sherwin-Williams for the color. I absolutely love this color and also Urbane Bronze by SW. They are my two favorite “almost-black” colors. I simply brushed in on and then immediately removed the tape.

DIY/painted furnture/grainsack striping
DIY/painted furnture/grainsack striping
DIY/painted table/grainsack striping

You can see the imperfection here. I didn’t worry about this at all as I knew I would be distressing the lines.

This is one of my favorite DIY projects.

DIY/painted table/grainsack striping
diy/grain sack table

Ta Da!!!!!

DIY/painted furnture/grainsack striping

This was so easy I almost didn’t post it. 

I should’ve “staged” it better, I suppose and showed how it looked with items on it but I thought it was adorable just the way it was.

God bless and have a wonderful day.

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