Why God smiles big when He sees us being creative.

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I love creating anything and I think God smiles really big when He sees us being creative.

A few years ago, starting November first, I used a letter of the alphabet and noted the things I was thankful for starting with the letter of the day. I’m thinking of doing it again this year. It get’s a little difficult when you get to X,Y, and Z. But I did it.

Well, that year, “G” was for Goodwill.

I love Goodwill stores as much today as I ever have. Although the pickins’ have been slim this year.

Except for a few pieces, almost all my furniture comes from thrift stores. Except for some upholstered pieces. Those I only buy from individuals.

I also buy a lot of clothes from Goodwill. From what others tell, I do a pretty good job and I’ve never had anyone dislike my decorating style. I’ve often been asked to help others as well. I love decorating my home and am always changing something.

It’s not that I’m cheap but I get great satisfaction for doing more with less. Plus, it forces me to think outside the box.

I love the whole creative process, whether it’s painting a picture, writing, updating a piece of furniture or making something from nothing. Creativity brings out the best of me.

But not just me.

Creativity brings us close to God. Why wouldn’t it?

Think about it.

What did God say after day seven of spinning his creative wheels?

He looked at what he did and said it was “good.” He was happy with what he saw.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with us being happy with what we do as well. Whether it's cooking a new recipe, sewing something, fixing a household problem, painting a room, it's OK to feel good about it. If God can look at His creation… Click To Tweet

I love decorating blogs and for a while I tried to swim with the big blogs. While I think I am as creative as anyone in this regards, I quickly realized my photography skills were not. And that’s where it’s all starts. Without a great camera and good photography skills, there is no way I can compete.

I wasn’t upset though because it freed me up to do what I do best, write.

To be truly creative and to really feel that spark that comes only when we lose ourselves in something, called the “flow”, means we need to know what we do well. And that means we have to know where our interest lies.

So how does that happen?

God loves our creativity. I believe He smiles when He sees us pursuing something that makes our heart miss a beat.

But so many people don’t know what that is.

How do we find it? How do we find that spark?

The only way I know to do that is by trying as many projects as we can. That doesn’t mean we go out and spend a fortune on supplies.

For example, if you think you might like paint, buy some Crayola watercolors or cheap craft paint, an inexpensive paintbrush, and any paper you have around the house. Then just play. You’ll either love it or hate it.

How about writing? Everyone has paper and pencil. Think of a word and the write something about it. If you like writing, try to write a story by reading a headline somewhere and just going with it. Almost everyone can write. Seriously.

Knitting or Crocheting? You can alway find cheap yarn and needles at discount stores or even thrift stores. Lot of instructions and patterns on-line.

Sewing. Well, you need a sewing machine. But I bought one for my daughter that was under $100.00. You might even be able to borrow one from a friend for a few days. I find lots of fabric at garage sales.

Then there’s scrapbooking, candle-making, woodworking, tying flies, building something, photography. Almost any hobby or interest can be pursued with little financial investment.

Activities like bird-watching, hiking, walking, lifting weights, can all be considered creative.

I have a friend who is practically a chef. She even thought about opening her own restaurant. When she prepares a meal, it is truly like watching an artitst.

I have a friend who can fix anything in her house, again, creative.

I believe we are close to God’s heart when we are creating. It’s like when he sees our creativity, He feels like a parent when they see a child make that first finger painting.

See you tomorrow for H.