Depression responds to creativity

Depression responds to creativity, as does anxiety. It is a good antidote to low moods in general.

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A DIY to spark creativity.

Sometimes when I create something, I don’t take progress pictures because I’m just experimenting and don’t really know where I’m headed.

That’s the case with this little DIY below.

I had some lightweight boards I needed to do something with. I had been collecting drinkable Yoplait containers so I decided to see what I could come up with.

I painted a few containers metallic gold and painted the boards white. I wrapped jute around the top of the bottles and then hot-glued them to the boards and added some greenery and tiny flowers.

diy project/depression responds to creativity

Couldn’t be any simpler.

Depression responds to creative distraction

Almost all therapies suggest that distraction is a wonderful antidote to low moods and anxiety. There’s something about sparking our creative juices that really brightens our mood. I’ve often thought that’s because it somehow connects us more intimately with the Creator part of God.

My book gets more comments about my chapter on distraction than almost any other chapter. And I almost didn’t include it because I assumed everyone knew it. Truth is, they didn’t. One of the first rules of non-fiction writing is never to assume your audience knows something that you know. Thank goodness, I took that advice.

book/depression responds well to creativity

Taking time to do something creative is good THERAPYfor depression and anxiety. It absorbs us and keeps our minds distracted. This is covered in my book as well.

Besides, if ever there was an illness that responds to a creative means of healing, it’s depression and anxiety. Although I must admit it’s hard to get those creative juices going when your mind is mush.

Some ideas

How about a mood-box?

Here’s an idea. Create a “mood” box. Why not a small decorative box that holds pretty scraps of paper with creative ideas written on them to get your mind thinking. It doesn’t even have to be anything you’ve ever done before, maybe more like what you’d like to do.

If you’re a male then maybe a rugged-looking box, or just a jar, and some ordinary paper.

Maybe you just want a list. I like the idea of “pretty”. I needed some “pretty” last week so I walked the aisles of Hobby Lobby and looked at how pretty all the yarn looked. The beautiful shades arranged so creatively just made me feel happy.

picture of colorful yarn/depression responds well to creativity

And here’s another “mood-box” idea. How about having trinkets or photos in your box that just make you smile?

I keep mementos out in plain view because they bring a smile to my face, like a vase from Mexico, or a trinket from out west. When we are feeling blue, they remind us we’ve had some really good days. It gives us hope that we will again.

Keep photos where you can see them

In another life, I would’ve been an Interior Designer so I like my home to look just so. But not my refrigerator. Its door is filled with photos of the people I love because they make me smile. I have a friend who has family and friends’ photos in every room of her home. We’ve never discussed it but I would guess she somehow knows deep inside that she needs these visual cues to manage her depression.

Visual cues are a great way to distract your mind by directing it to remembered pleasurable events.

And, of course, journaling is always a good distraction

I don’t journal because my blog is my journal. But I do track my moods in my Bullet journal. I won’t discuss journaling in this post because there is lots of good information on the web. information everywhere. However, here’s a link to my Pinterest board called BUJO that you might find will get you jumpstarted.

A word of caution. Don’t get got up in the details. Make your BUJO work for you. I would love to make mine all fancy but I can’t do that, maintain a blog, and write books. Something has to give.

How about a happiness jar to lighten your mood?

This is a way to keep track of the things that have made you happy or lifted your spirit. You can reach in the jar and pull something out and be encouraged. (Of course, you have had to be filling the jar right along.) The whole point of this post is to draw attention to the fact that there are all kinds of creative ways to manage our depressing moods.

Remember, there is ALWAYS something you can do to help yourself when you are struggling. Use your creative mind to distract you.

God bless each of you today.

Have a great day and God bless.

Stay safe!