DIY/magazine paper fun

In case you don’t know, I love paper. I love tearing it, pasting it, cutting it, and of course, buying it.


We were at the cabin and I had to create something. It was one of those days when I needed to be distracted.

Instructions for the pinwheels can be found all over Pinterest or you can go to my Pinterest page labeled “paper projects”. I used magazine pages although I’ve made them from scrapbook paper as well.

But I haven’t seen any projects on Pinterest where the two projects have been combined.

I’m considering making a garland for the bunkhouse, maybe with lights poking through the middle. Would be cute don’t you think?



At this point, you could glue a round mirror on top.





As you can see there are some imperfect folds. Just keep creasing them with your fingers and they kind of correct themselves.



5 thoughts on “DIY/magazine paper fun”

  1. Have you ever seen this done with wooden clothes pegs? Mum used to make loads of place mats from them in this style, then sand and varnish them. They were lovely creations. Love your piccies 🙂

      1. Oh darlin’ I was a kid when she did them. What you do is grab the pegs and take off the metal parts. Then create whatever design you want. The mats are usually round, or circular. Mum made some of them look like snowflakes! I can’t get to Mum any more because of my own situation. All I know is that she made these things, and they were lovely 🙂 I’m so sorry I cannot furnish you with photos 🙁

        See your above photos? Imagine all of these made out of wooden pegs 🙂

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