A fun and unique way to display a succulent.

I love succulents.

The fake kind, that is.

I have absolutely no luck with the real ones and this coming from someone who had at least fifty beautiful rose bushes in her garden once. I say once because nature and mostly deer destroyed them all. So alas, I’ve had to resort to “fake”.

Anyway,. these particulars hanging ones I bought at Hobby Lobby.

(Total aside: Did you know your Hobby Lobby coupon does not work on some items? I didn’t till I tried to use it one of these one day.)

I’ve arranged them this way first. But I tired of it quickly.

So I went to this. But let me explain what this plant container is.

I have three 4 X 4 wood blocks I use as candle holders for all the different seasons. These are probably the most versatile decorating accessory I have.

I drilled a hole at the top of the block to insert a candle.

You can see that here.

I wrapped some jute around the block and plopped in the succulents. I love how they hang down. I’m sure I’ll use them numerous ways as we move from season to season. Although, certainly we missed spring. Right?

The little stand I bought at Goodwill. Think it was $2.00. I love little pieces like this for layering. I had planned on making some but why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to.

So there you have it. I’ll admit it’s a little weird but weird suits me right now.

God bless and have a good day.

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