How to Diy a vase using a bean can, paintsticks, and jute.

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This is such a fun DIY vase project.

The DIY inspiration for this project came from the painting section of a grocery store that is near our cabin. When we first bought the cabin, we were told we had to check out the local grocery store. We did, and like everyone else, we loved it. It’s just really unique. Where else can you buy ice cream and ammo at the same place?

They are also known nationwide for their jerky, with a case at least 40 feet long featuring jerky made from alligators and everything else imaginable. I couldn’t care any less about the jerky. You might as well eat leather, in my opinion. But the homemade fudge, yum.

Anyway, they have the coolest little paint sticks. They are smaller than what you get at regular repaint stores. I’ve been dying to do something with them, so when I had an empty tin can from the taller-sized pork and beans, I knew I had to combine them. I love DIY’ing and unique DIY vases.

Picture of a DIY vase.
picture of a DIY vase
Picture of a DIY vase.

The DIY Process

First, I stained the stick with whatever stain I had lying around. Then I hot glued them onto the tin can. Really complicated.

I added jute, plopped in some artificial greens from Hobby Lobby, and voila, a cute DIY vase. Of course, you could also use fresh flowers.

I might do another one and paint the sticks. Wouldn’t they look pretty in different pastels and then pop some spring-flowering stems in them?

It’s that time of year to turn all crafty and everything.

But I wish I were an easier DIY project for God. I mean, sometimes I wonder if God muses and says, “I wonder if I’ll ever get her done.”

Do you ever wonder that about yourself? I mean do you get discouraged when you feel like your spiritual growth is moving slower than a snail on the way to the Ark? I sure do.

But aren’t we glad that it’s from our perspective and never God’s? He has the patience of, wait for it, Job?

God bless, and have a good day.

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