DIY/sunscreen vase

I was getting ready to throw away this container and I thought, “Hmmm,” what could I do with this?

diy/sunscreen vase
diy/sunscreen vase

The picture is blurry but as you can see, I cut off (a pair of scissors) the bottom of the tube. I guess you could call it the top, but you know what I mean.

I didn’t sand it or anything as I didn’t care how permanent it would be. The point was to create something I could throw away. If you wanted to make it permanent, I would suggest sanding slightly.

I spray painted the lid, silver, and the body of the tube, aqua blue. Both paints by Rustoleum 2X. Forgot to take a pic of paint but you can get this paint pretty much anywhere. It’s my favorite brand.

Add water and flowers and there you have it. How’s that for riduculously simple? It holds water just find and is great for smaller flowers.(But as you can see these are not particularly small flowers.)

Keep an eye out for larger toothbrush tubes, catsup bottles, anything with a sturdy base that can stand up straight. The possibilities are endless.

sunscreen vase/diy
sunscreen vase/diy

26-IMG_7494 another close up 28-IMG_7496  31-IMG_7505B

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