Are we living in a parallel universe?

Are we living in a parallel universe?

sky space dark galaxy indicating a parallel universe but God is in control


I mean the sun is shining here in Michigan, unusual for Michigan in winter. The birds are even chirping. I feel energized and on top of it all.

And then I remember.

Oh, yea, there’s that enemy lurking out there ruining everything. If I could see it, it would help. But COVID is truly a silent killer. Thank goodness my family and friends have not been affected by the virus but we’re all very careful as well.

I can’t but think how COVID is much like Satan; he is hard to see as well. That’s purposeful, I might add. Why would he make himself obvious anyway? We would easily defeat him if he were.

We’d make better decisions.

We’d live better lives.

But alas he is a cowardly enemy, choosing to attack from the dark corners. He waits until we are the most vulnerable and then he pounces. Usually, it’s when we are out of touch with God or are tired, overwhelmed, and worried. Which is, of course, is how we get out of touch with God in the first place. It’s a vicious cycle.

But God is the light in the darkness.

old lantern in darkness in forest indicating God lights our way in the dark

I had an interesting text “conversation” with a family member last night. She was struggling with an issue. Later, she sent me a text saying that she wasn’t “turning to Jesus as much as she should.” I texted back that I, too, struggle at times and I’ve been a believer many more years than she. She’s kind of like living in a parallel universe herself.

But that got me to thinking.

Why is it we think that turning to God will eliminate our problems? Where does the Bible ever even say that? It doesn’t, of course.

As Christians, we don’t turn to God to take away our struggles, although at times He does. We turn to God to give us strength as we “walk” through those problems. Remember, we can be right smack dab in the middle of God’s will while in the middle of a storm at the same time. They are not antithetical to each other.

Think Moses, Daniel, Peter, Paul, etc.

So, yes, let’s connect to God always, every day, all day. But let’s not confuse God with Santa. We connect with God because we are His children, not to make our personal world happy all the time. In a way, we are living in a parallel universe.

Have a great day today and if you have sunshine, enjoy it. Stay safe and God bless each of you.

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