Chicago, Chicago, that wonderful town.

Well, we have no free Internet here at hotel. We’re too cheap to pay so I’m posting from my phone again.

As you can probably guess from yesterday’s post, I haven’t bought anything yet. Almost positive it won’t be clothes anyway. My thrift shop clothes are fine by me. I’m actually finding better quality than what’s in the stores these days unless I want to spend around $80.00 for a sweater, which I don’t.

Here’s the interesting thing though and it’s very appropriate for this month of thankfulness I’m doing. When you’re truly thankful for what you have, it’s easy to not get caught up in wanting everything you see. Yesterday, while shopping the Magnificent Mile, I realized just that. It was totally freeing.

That’s not to say I won’t buy something. There’s a store in Watertower Mall that carries books called “Story People”. ( I would give you the author’s name but I don’t remember it. You can google the title and it will show up.) It’s a wierd series and is not a novel or a non-fiction. It’s more a book of truisms combined with colorful weird cartoon-like people. I’ve wanted it for a couple of years. I think it’s because a number of years ago I created some sketches of weird creatures that really appeal to me bit I’ve never known what to do with them. I think I might try to develop a story-line for my “people” as well.

Plus, I have to buy a hat. Left mine on the train and Chicago is really cold in the winter. Did I tell you, I lived here for a couple of years when I was eighteen. That’s a story in its-self- how a young, inexperienced and totally trusting young woman lived two years in a big sophisticated city and left unscathed. I’ll tell you about it sometime soon. Chicago has brought back lots of memories.

Anyway, heading out now although why I’d leave a gorgeous hotel room with ten foot ceilings that is bigger than “Teeny Tiny Red Cabin”, I’ll never know. Remember, please overlook any errors. Working on a minuscule screen isn’t easy us I can’t review first.


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