Hubby and I on way to Chicago via Amtrak. My first Amtrak ride. Thoroughly enjoying it. Looking forward to seeing Chicago during Holiday season. Have always wanted to do this.

I’ll be on my own during day as hubby will be working. I’ve already decided I’m having at least one cappuccino per day. Looking forward to shopping at Water Tower. We’re staying right on the Magnificent Mile. It’s funny that I mention shopping because I’ve never bought anything yet when
we’ve been in the Windy City. But I’m really going to try hard this time. There’s a reason.

Sometimes I get too anxious about money. Sometimes I think I don’t deserve anything new. Depression has a way of infiltrating every part of our lives but we never think it might be in such obscure ways.

So today, find a way to be good to yourself. Even if it’s only a cappuccino!

(BTY-I’m posting from my phone on a moving train so please forgive the errors)