Christian growth resembles flower growth. What are they?

Spring has sprung

Christian growth resembles flower growth. Spring has exploded almost overnight here in Michigan. Last week we were wearing coats when we walked, this week it’s ninety degrees. Yikes. What was it like where you were?

Do you have plans for your yard and decks? This is the first year I haven’t bought some plants for my deck and front porch. I am going to buy flowers to plant in my garden but that’s it. Are you wondering why?

We have a cabin up north that we dearly love. The little cabin to the right is my she-shed. I’ll post some pictures of the interiors of both soon.

pictures of cabins/Christian growth

We try to spend two weeks a month there if possible. And every time we go, I have to take all the plants and put them in the yard where I can only hope the sprinklers will water them enough to make it till we get home. They never really look great because of that. Plus, it’s just one more thing to get done before we leave.

But then the trees came down

As far as the yard, it’s a long story but I will give you the major points. Three years ago a HUGE tree came down. Anytime the sun changes for your yard or garden, it means your existing plants will be affected. So-o-o-I rethought things and planted differently, moved some existing plants, etc. Then last fall, two MORE big trees had to be removed. That completely changed my landscaping all over again. So, I am starting over again!

So this summer, while I will buy some plants for the yard and once again, I will have to rethink everything. And, of course, plants take a good three years to really grow.

Have you ever heard this?

“The first year, they sleep,

The second year, they creep

And the third year, they leap!

The Three Stages

The sleeping stage

Christian growth is similar.

So which of these plant stages are you? Probably no one wants to admit to the first stage; sleeping. But actually there’s nothing wrong with the sleeping stage. Sometimes, sleeping means we are hibernating and at times that’s just what we need to do. We are getting our nourishments from the soil of God’s word.

When we first become Christians, we need to sleep. We’re still growing but it’s not apparent. St. Paul took off to Arabia for this purpose right after his conversion experience. It’s not a bad thing.

The creeping stage of growth

Then there is the creeping stage. As Christians, this is the stage where we move out in faith. There are missions for us to accomplish. As we seek our “more”, we take tentative steps. We are working out our salvation as Philippians 2: 12-23 states. As we reach higher, our roots are going even deeper.

The Leaping Stage

Then there’s the leaping stage in Christian growth.

We have matured greatly in our faith and are living our best life in Christ. We are fulfilling his plan for us, and are living a life that is drawing others to Christ.

But here’s the problem.

Some plants stay asleep forever. Just like a plant that never breaks through the earth, they stay below ground.They are like the seeds mentioned in Matthew 13:1-23. Their roots never go down deep enough.

Or they spring up for a short period or time but fail to thrive when the Christian life becomes hard or they face struggles that bring them down.

And then there are those who break through the ground, continually grow, and eventually bloom. And these cycles might repeat themselves. For example, after we’ve bloomed for some seasons, we may need to be transplanted and start growing in a new direction.

When I began writing a book, I felt like I was starting over. I incubated while I learned. I crept through the beginning stages of learning the ropes. Then I leapt and finally starting writing. Growth stages are pretty much the same for just about everything.

What stage are you in? It’s important to know where we are.

God bless and have a great day.