depression’s gift


depression's gift
depression’s gift

Depression/anxiety can be a gift.Sounds like some Pollyanna gibberish at best doesn’t it? It isn’t. But God promises He can take anything meant to harm us and turn it into something good.

Can we agree we’ve all received a gift we didn’t like? (We’ve given a few as well.) But have you received one of those unwanted gifts and then find out you ended up really liking it? I have.

It was a very small spatula. What does one do with a very small spatula? As it turns out, just about everything. In fact, I get very upset if I can’t find it.

Depression has been like that for me. When I originally wrote this article for our church newsletter, I was experiencing my first anxiety attack in a very long time.

But as I typed I knew that every word was true no matter how I was feeling. Did you get what I just said? Feelings, while not to be ignored, are notoriously inaccurate.

However,they do give us a heads up that something is wrong.


something is wrong
something is wrong

So I typed on. By the time I finished, I was feeling a little better. I knew that God was shining a light down into my pit. I knew I would find my way out because God is faithful.I also knew that I had to do my part as well. So I did,

My part, that is.

I (1) exercised for thirty minutes, (2) kept my mind distracted, (a great practical tool), (3) tenaciously diverted my thoughts from me and my depression to God and His love, (4) spoke Scripture out loud and (5), kept putting one foot in front of the other.

For me, that’s the gift–the knowledge that depression is manageable, that I have an arsenal of tools I’ve developed that serve me well.

Would I knowingly ever choose depression just for that gift? A resounding, NO!

I often wonder,though, who I’d be otherwise. Depression has certainly humbled me.

God bless and have a good day.


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  1. I know I wouldn’t have the faith I do without my struggles with depression and anxiety. I’m not afraid of death and eternity anymore either. Its still hard to deal with, but I wouldn’t ever wish to never have these struggles because of the good that has come from them.

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