when you don’t like what’s happening/difficult changes

If you’ve been reading my posts for the last couple of months, you are aware that I had been dreading some changes that were going to occur. (If I put all the links here, Google will declare it spam but if you want to read more start at about July 28.)

Those changes have happened and I’m not a happy camper.


This week I’m feeling the loss.

But change only allows us two options: adapt to the change or rebel against it and stay stuck.Actually, when you think about it, there’s only one choice: adapt. To do otherwise keeps us miserable and doesn’t change anything anyway.

Still a part of me wants to “cave in”.

But the part of me that is connected intimately to my Heavenly Father, my spirit, is much stronger. Here’s where faith steps in.

You see I believe that even though this change isn’t welcomed, even though I would give anything for things to stay the same, it’s now a fact.

So,I choose to believe that eventually I might even see it’s for my good. That there is a bigger purpose in all this.

God knew years ago this change was going to happen and has been equipping me in ways I didn’t even know. He has already charted a path for me through this difficult circumstance in my life.

God has me in His care.


God loves me
God loves me

I’ll bet there are many of you who are undergoing unwelcome change right now. My heart is with you. God bless and I hope you have a good day.