Fall decorating ideas for you to copy. Easy and inexpensive!

Table of Contents

Mantle Fall Decorating

This first gallery is the fall decorating on my mantle.

Kitchen Shelf

The pictures below are of a have a shelf above my doorway in the kitchen which is hard to get a full shot of all the fall decorating at once so I have to do it sections.


I had to show you a couple of fall craft projects as well. This first project is one of those decorative pumpkins from Dollar Tree. All I did was paint over with acrylic paint. It was so much fun! Might be my favorite fall project. I keep all no-longer-used box-type frames because I always find use for them. This one had words on it and I spray painted over it brown and hot-glued the painted pumpkin on it. I added the “grateful”. Cute fall project.

This is the fall decoration in my foyer/mudroom. This is one of three rooms undergoing transformation at the moment. I would have included the rest of the old cabinet, except it’s got lots of stuff piled next to it. It’s probably my favorite piece of furniture. It’s my “library” now. I’ll post a pic later. The art work isn’t mine.

Entryway Fall Decorating

cabinet/fall decorating

Plus, I had to add a couple of fall craft projects. The first two pictures are of DT items that I “remodeled”. The next two pumpkins are, of course, DT pumpkins that I covered. I made them kind of Boho-looking by adding beads to hang down.

Decorating People

As I was writing this post, I couldn’t help but think how I wish life was as simple as decorating. Don’t I wish I could take a life and redecorate it with God’s love? There is such a sense of accomplishment when DIYing. But people take time, don’t they?

We pray and pray and don’t see any movement toward God. But this is where faith comes in. We believe God answers prayer. Otherwise, why pray? Right?

And that brings me to my newest book. I’ve been waylaid because of the remodeling project but next week I’m right back at it. I will be excited to share some parts with you over the next few weeks.

Have a good rest of your week and God bless.