trying to keep our heads above water

If you’re happy and you know it, don’t ignore it.

I would love to gift-wrap happiness. Wouldn’t you?

I mean don’t we all have people in our lives that just aren’t happy? It hurts to see them in pain.

But I’m learning that I can only “gift” happiness to myself.  While other people and adverse circumstances can negatively impact our lives (sometimes dramatically and sometimes for a long time as in the case of grieving), in the final analysis, we determine our own level of contentedness.

Believe me, I don’t always get this right either but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Inside, we all know it’s true. But we prefer to find some outside sources to blame.

Ultimately we are the ones responsible for our own sense of well-being.  It isn’t easy finding equilibrium when someone we love is miserable. For me, it hurts more than just about anything else I can think of because I have an insatiable need to make everyone happy. But we can’t, no matter how hard we try, make anyone else happy.

Everyone has to mine their own gold.

we all have to
mining for gold

With that being said, let me encourage you to live your days to the fullest. When they’re so full of joy, praise God, and love every minute. It’s not going to stay that way. That’s not to put a damper on anyone’s day. It’s just reality and we’ve all experienced the ups and downs enough in life to know the sun may not shine as brightly tomorrow.

But if you’re the one whose having a “unhappy” day, then get moving. Bring it to God; leave it there; and find something to do. Eventually your mood will improve.

“Putter” as much as you need to ’till your “sputtering” dies down.

Talk with a friend if you need to but then let it go. Constant rehashing  makes it worse.

Rumination (going over the same issue, ad infinitum) is a symptom of depression and  can also trigger depression.

Avoid rumination at all costs. It never helps.

So what do we do when those closest to us are miserable?

For me, I do my best to keep own head above water knowing that someone has to stay afloat. I keep treading water until the situation improves while guarding my heart against further damage.

trying to keep our heads above water

 “Gift”  yourself some peace and contentment today.  It’s not insensitive. It’s the kindest thing you can do for them and for you.

God  bless and I hope you have a good day.