eagerly waiting

God expects us to be eager. But about what?

Psalm 5:3 states: 

“In the morning,O Lord, you will hear my voice:

In the morning I will order my prayer to you and eagerly watch.”


I must admit, I have overlooked this important verse. And it is really a kind of a “heads-up” kind of a verse.

I told you yesterday how my mother fell and broke her wrist over the weekend. She’s going to require extra care from my brother and me for some time. We’ve done pretty good so far.

Sometimes I forget that after I pray about someone or some circumstance, that I need to expectedly watch to see how God is going to answer my prayers. And I certainly forget the “eagerly” part.

How about you? Do you eagerly watch to see how God will answer your prayer? Or do you pray and then just go about your day?

I think it’s hard to stay focused on what we’ve prayed each morning and then remember it during the day. And I’m not sure I have any concrete idea how to keep in on the forefront of our mind. Of course, we could always write it down in a prayer journal. But I’m not at all good at keeping a prayer journal.

For me, it’s this blog that keeps me on track.

Besides, I think it’s the “eagerly” part that’s important. If I’m really eager about something, I’m more likely to remember it. Another way to say it, what we’re excited about is what gets etched in our mind. When is the last time you forgot something you had really been excited about?

eagerly waiting

As you go about your day, ask yourself just how eager are you to see your prayers answered? Where we invest our excitement is what will stick in our mind. So let’s get excited to see how God answers our prayers.

God bless and have a good day.


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