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God is the constant in our lives. He never changes.

Things change

God is the constant in our lives. The weather changes, our mood changes, and circumstances change.

What a glorious weekend. Was yours as well? It seems like most people in the US had unseasonably warm weather this past Saturday. Ours was incredible. I worked in my yard for way too many hours. At one point, I had over three big garden areas and maintained over fifty rose bushes. But then the deer came.

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So that took care of the rose bushes. Then, about three years ago, an enormous tree was uprooted in a storm and that changed the entire landscape once again. I was just coming around with a good plan when last fall two more enormous trees came down in a storm, and once again I am back to redesigning my garden.

Life is always changing.

But that’s life, isn’t it? Just when you think you can plan for the future, something diverts your plans. Someone gets seriously ill; someone loses their job, someone’s heart is broken. So a changed landscape is nothing when you consider really serious problems. It’s mostly just annoying.

But it’s these events that grow our faith. It’s these events that remind us life is always changing. I’m not telling you something you don’t know. But it’s easy to forget this universal truth until something comes along to remind us.

Sunny days

I want my life to stay as it is because as it is, is exactly what I want. Don’t you feel that way sometimes? Everything is right with you, your family, your job, your relationships, etc.

And doesn’t God seem somehow nearer when the sun is shining? When all is right with our world? We feel blessed beyond all reason.

Dark days

Today it’s raining and dark and dreary, nothing like yesterday. It’s these kinds of days that remind me how easily life fluctuates. Sometimes, I love days like this when I want to snuggle up and be cozy and maybe read a book. Sometimes I don’t. What fickle person I am!

But aren’t you glad God gets us? He gets our fickleness, our ups and downs, our preferences for perfect days. And he still loves us.

But God never changes.

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I hope your world is beautiful today and as you would have it. But if it’s not, God is still there. While God might seem nearer when the sun is shining, the truth is we experience his love to a greater degree when we struggle. But it’s all our perception because God is constant. He doesn’t change, has never changed, and will never change. It’s us and our circumstances that change.

Moods are a funny thing. Our emotions, our thoughts, and our perceptions shape them. But God’s presence supersedes our moods and is not dependent on them to show his character. He shows Himself as He is, but we see Him through our own lenses. It’s when we learn to always see God

Have a wonderful day and blessing to all of you.

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