God,you’re kidding, right?

NoSnowO.K. I know I’m not the only one who has had it with this weather.

I just want to ask God, “Is this a month-long April Fool’s joke? And if so, why? What did we nice Michiganders do to deserve this?” For those of you in other states southward, you really wouldn’t believe our weather. We even have snow in the forecast for this next week. I guess I’m directing this to people outside the state because no one in Michigan needs to be reminded about how lousy this spring is.

But here’s the thing about Michigan.  We are sill truly blessed to live in this beautiful state. Except for spring coming in at a snail’s pace, we have no hurricanes, mudslides, forest fires, and rarely a tornado. We are surrounded by water. Not a lot of people live here so we don’t have to put up with over-population. All in all, a great state.

Plus, we have the wonderful experience of welcoming in Spring like few other states can.  Soon people will imerge from their “long winter’s nap”, trees will bud, warm winds will blow, and the state will explode with life. It’s like you didn’t even know you had neighbors and now you have lots of them. People will run outside instead of on their treadmills. Any street you drive down will be alive with people working in their yard. Everyone is happier. It will be like we’ve been given a shot of adrenaline. (Okay, now I’m just trying to make myself feel better.)

The truth is, I can’t even remember feeling warm. Oh, now I remember. When I’m in bed with my electric “blankie” turned up. Now here’s the funny thing. I hate hot weather even more than I do cold weather! I have a narrow temperature comfort range, about sixty-five to seventy-five.  But that’s what electric blankets and air conditioning are for. 🙂

I really love Spring as it agrees with my comfort level. So come on, will you?