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Good changes can come from a disaster.

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Good changes really can come from a disaster. Last week was one problem after another but good came from it. I didn’t think I would be posting this week because we have company. But I do have a minute or two.

A disastrous week but good came from it

We were at our cabin last week and we had one plumbing disaster after another. There was one problem that wasn’t plumbing related. But my husband and I witnessed God’s faithfulness every step of the way. Then we got home and had another problem. After the last one, I slept for twelve hours two nights in a row. That’s rare for me but it shows you the stress I felt.

Some good changes


white bubble illustration/good changes
can come from a disaster.

I’ve changed my domain name to: goodthoughtsgoodlives.com. All current followers will automatically be directed to that new domain. There is nothing you have to do.

Also, I will be posting routinely two days a week for the rest of the summer. There may be others thrown in now and then but for the most part, I will post on Wed and Thurs. The posts will be longer and more in-depth as I try to interface book writing with blogging.

The menu will change as well.

Reasons for name change-all good

My reason? While I love all things DIY and I’ve done some really cool projects, I do not have the camera needed to really make my projects look as good as they can, so I’m leaving that to those with the fancy cameras. I was going to invest in an expensive camera but decided I was getting away from my focus for this blog if I did that. But because I had “DIY” listed in my domain I felt a lot of pressure to get DIY projects done. Consequently, I was side-tracked. There will still be times I post a DIY project but it will be when I have time.

Also, the word “sigh” in the previous domain name was ambiguous at best and I always felt the need to explain it. (A lot of sighing is a common symptom of depression.) I loved the rhyming nature of faithsighanddiy but I needed to change because I have changed and God’s direction for my life has changed.

The new title reflects what I believe the Bible teaches, that our thoughts greatly influence our lives. It is one of the more practical themes. But, of course, focusing and redirecting our thoughts depends on a sound faith foundation which includes all the spiritual practices, including, prayer, Bible study, silence, solitude, and financial giving. I will continue to address all of these.

changes in strange ways

Honestly, I think if I hadn’t been for the week I had last week, I might not have gotten to this point of making some necessary changes. It cleared my focus. I realized I was spinning my wheels. Why my thinking became clear because of our plumbing issues, I don’t know. God does work in strange ways at times.

But I’m really excited about this next phase on the blog. I had been considering the name change for quite a while but sometimes when you have a long time to decide on something, you take up all that time and never decide anything. It’s like when you think moving to a bigger house will make you more organized. But the truth is, you just accumulate more stuff. Kind of like that.

Future plans


I hope to offer a lot more freebies, including my books on occasion. It’s easy to get caught up in financial profits and all that but I never started blogging or book writing with that as my goal. It’s certainly OK if others do, of course. Encouragement and teaching are my spiritual gifts and they are expressed by my blogging and my writing.

I am currently finishing the editing on my latest book and I like the title a lot. Still can’t share it though. Will have to wait till I actually publish it so it’s in my name. But if I had to use one word to describe the concept, it’s the word “more.”

a new devotional

I am excited because every day for months now I have been writing a daily devotional in the same vein as Sarah Young in her book, Jesus Calling. I don’t know if I will continue with this style. It is not my intention to copy her but she was not the first either. She was influenced by a book she read as well, God Calling by Two Listeners. As I said, I might not continue in this vein but this morning as I was writing, I tried writing both ways. It really felt like God talking when I wrote with him as the writer. After all, isn’t that what the Bible is, God talking to us?

In fact, I encourage you to do this for yourself. It’s very revealing. Also, my devotional is very honest and includes words of admonition as well as encouragement because that’s exactly what God does. It’s not all only “Jesus loves me.”

A final thought about my miserable week

One final thought, when you face any emergency, STOP immediately and if it’s only a one-word prayer, pray it before you take another step.

My husband and I did this a lot last week and while the problems piled up we knew Who was the source of our strength and who was our problem-solver.

I hope to get out one more post this week and share the whole story with you. You will probably laugh and we have finally gotten to the point that we can as well. No one died. No one got really bad news. We and our loved ones are just fine. For that, we are truly grateful.

Have a wonderful week and God bless.