Grace Unleashed


Grace Unleashed

Just a quick post today but an important one. Sometimes God (You may call your power source something else. For me, He’s God.) shoots grace our way  when we least expect it. We might not even recognize it till after the fact. We should, of course. Especially if it’s been a matter of concern.  But maybe that’s exactly why.

We get so entrenched in the problem, we don’t see the small sliver of relief when it comes. It’s kind of like an experience I had with a dear friend the other day. She has suffered some significant losses over the last few years and depression has set in. She  finally consented to short-term medication.  After having been on it for about three weeks, I could tell  that she was getting better by observing almost impercetable changes in her behavior. But I had to point it out to her.  She didn’t see it herself.  She was focusing on her depression. She didn’t see the little ray of sunshine peeking through that I did. 

Yesterday I had the same experience but it escaped my over-stuffed mind.  Right in the middle of  sharing the day with my husband, I grasped how monumental and much-needed the experience had been. The sudden realization of the grace that was sent my way pierced through all the layers of discouragement and gave me cause to leap for joy inside. The experience may seem inconsequential to you in light of what you may be experiencing.  But here it is anyway.

I took my mom (She suffered a fall six months ago, experienced severe vertigo, serious depression and a host of other things and has only been out of the house in the last six months for various doctor’s appointments and a couple of visits to family) to the ophthalmologist yesterday.  Afterwards, we went grocery shopping and out to lunch. We were gone over four hours.  That would have been a record even before the fall.

So today I’m feeing all warm inside as I reflect on our time together, on having had my mom “back” for a even the briefest of time. I know tomorrow might be a different story but I am encouraged that this might be the beginning of having her regain much of what she’s lost-even the contrariness and stubborness which will drive me nuts but which I will gladly embrace.

Grace gives us hope for tomorrow and breathing space for today.

So today I’m so thankful for the four-hour grace period that was gifted me yesterday.

Thank you, God, for the unexpected shot of encouragement.