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Great Expectations. Really good or bad? It all depends.

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What are your expectations for your life?

“Nobody succeeds beyond his or her wildest expectations unless he or she begins with some wild expectations.” – RALPH CHARELL

Unconscious expectation

Whatever you expect with certainty is very often what you will get in your life.

What the Bible says about expectations

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Asking and Believing

Jesus said, “Believe that what you ask for, you will receive” Of course, if we’ve been Christians very long,, we know that this asking, this expectation, is always to be within God’s will. But when we’re walking close to God, we are in his will and can trust that we expect is within his will.

Knowing what you want

An example

There was a study done some time ago about patient recovery after surgery. Those who had very high expectations recovered at a lower rate. Those who had realistic, but at the same time optimistic, expectations recovered much quicker. Expectations that are optimistic AND realistic are a much better choice.

Expect the worse and hope for the best?

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When you expect the best and get the best.

Very often, I will ask myself, “Is that your best effort, Rebecca”? Now sometimes, I may actually decide that something is good enough. Not everything has to be perfect as long as we deliberately make that decision. That’s different than getting used to “settling” as a way of life.

Don’t choose “whatever”

The Bible is full of verses about seeking the highest and best for our lives. That doesn’t mean we will get rich, famous, or anything like that. Great expectation has more to do with what we want to feel about our lives and our future. It’s a great deal about hope and who can live without hope?

Great expectations create great results.

Remember, though, not everything in your life is important. Each person has to decide that for themselves. I’ve worked my entire life expecting the best in people, and situations. I don’t regret it. What I do regret is the times, I let some things slide because I didn’t seek the highest God has for me.

I read something a long time ago that has really stuck with me. It overlaps with prayer. Basically, it’s that God has abundant blessings for everyone who believes in him, but that they are not dispersed unless we pray for them. Again, I think scripture supports that throughout. Of course, most of us don’t think that way. We can’t imagine that there is so much more for us than we can even ask for.

Don’t be afraid to strive for and expect the best. God wants more for us than we could possibly know. Remember, “God can do more……” Ephesians 3:20.

God bless and have a great day.

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