grey clouds

If you live in Michigan, you know that it has been weeks since the sun shined all day. It’s getting old, huh?

cloudy days 2

Of course, there are other clouds. The gray clouds of low moods and depression.

When I’m under these kind of clouds, it helps me to remember that like the clouds in the sky, moods are of a transient nature. We don’t necessarily need medication. We just need a break from the unrelenting clouds.

If I have a lot of mundane task to accomplish I kind of like gray clouds. Who wants to be stuck inside on a sunny day? So gray days can suit my purposes just fine.

If I’m already having a contemplative day, I might actually prefer clouds. I think you know what I mean. There’s something that appeals to us when the sky matches our mood. It’s like friends. When we’re in the dumps we usually seek friends who we know will try to match our moods in their manner of speech, and choice of words. We don’t need them to act depressed, of course, but we don’t want someone who acts too cheerful either.


That’s insulting.

Sometimes a pep talk is needed but not in a “rah, rah”cheerleader mode. I try to make sure I act appropriately as well when I’m the one listening.

I learned a valuable lesson from an experience a few years ago when I shared some good news of mine in a group setting. Someone in the group was having a particularly bad time of which I was unaware. I’m careful now how I share good news. I try to remember that while my dark clouds have moved for the time being, someone else’s clouds are just appearing. If he’d seen my past, he would have known I’ve had more than my fair share of dark clouds.

But if I’m feeling really down, I don’t want any gray clouds; I want the sun. I want something to interrupt my mood and cheer me up. I want something outside of me to do the work for me for a change. 


But I’ve learned if I keep putting one foot in front of the other, the Son eventually does break through. My mood gets better. I see things more clearly. 

Sometimes all we have to do is look above us and wait for the sky to change.

sunshine 3
sunshine 3

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  1. Nice post. I think it’s also important to note that feeling down and dealing with depression are not necessarily the same thing. We all have our “down” days, our grumpy days, our “face palm” days (either to yourself or others – just kidding!). Depression is a clinical disorder that is much much more; getting out of bed is a struggle whether or not it is sunny. What’s important to remember for anyone who suffers with depression is to understand that the darkness can subside if they seek support – not in their friends or family, but in a community that understands the clinical ramifications of their illness. Medication does help; and for some it is the only thing that will assist people in finding peace, and finding light.

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