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I feel like this blog IS my passion.  I feel like I have already thrown myself behind a cause and that cause is to help as many people as I can who have fallen victim to depression.  I work hard at staying abreast of the best research. I try to present as many options for my followers as I can.  I also try to be honest about my past struggles with depression and sometimes my present ones as well.

Like how depression is nipping at my heels even now because I can’t exercise due to the brace on my foot and the doc’s order to stay low for three weeks.  I’m such a strong proponent of exercise for reducing the effects of low moods and for keeping our mental health strong, that to be denied it myself these three weeks has been tough. I don’t think even I realized the role of exercise in my own personal struggle. I see the doctor Thursday and I’m counting on getting the green light. If I don’t, I’m going to think of something to do.

What i wish though is that I could reach more people. I’m hesitant to always post to Facebook so as not to “wear our my Facebook welcome.” I’ve created a Facebook page strictly for my posts but I don’t think I’ve done it right.  It breaks my heart when I read of people (or know them myself) who think that pills are the FIRST line of defense. You noticed I didn’t say there was anything wrong with medication, just that it shouldn’t be the first thing we reach for.  I believe medication should be used only in conjunction with reading, self-examination, exercise, diet changes, etc. I am in good company with this view as truly credible researchers say the same thing.

This is my passion.

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  1. Well, I tried to leave a lengthy comment, but my WordPress glitches and it vanished! Anyway, I’m praying for you, and believing that the brace is quickly becoming a thing of the past!

    1. Thanks for your long comment even if i didn’t get to read it. Tomorrow is the Dr’s. appointment. I, too, am praying this is over. Thanks and God bless.

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