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How are you being spiritually squeezed?

How are you being spiritually squeezed? How are you growing in Christ?

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And I hope you are.

Because unless you are, you are not growing in Christ. There are perhaps some periods in our life when we are not challenged to grow in some way but I would say they are rare.

What does it even mean?

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The dilemma

I think we are spiritually squeezed one of two ways; either because we are called to do something for God, or when we are called to sit back and let God.

I’ve been both places recently. The calling to DO was to write a book about my past battles with depression and how I learned to deal with it as a kind of devotional manual for other Christians.

That one was done.

The other was to sit back and let a situation “simmer” and keep my hands off it. However, that was particularly hard for me as I like things settled and unambiguous. I hate ambiguity. Am I the only one?

Thinking of being spiritually squeezed, I was reminded of what Oswald Chambers wrote, “God can never make us wine if we object to the fingers he uses to crush us with. If God would only use his own fingers……”

Isn’t that the truth?

The solution

However, no one likes to learn from another human being and yet isn’t that who God typically uses to grow us? Our spiritual growth is often at the hands others.

So, I wonder today, what kind of finger and thumb has God been using to spiritually squeeze you, to make you into someone sweet? Have you been more like a marble that has escaped?

photo of grapevine

Only you know the answer to this. However, I can say, after my most recent examples of squeezing, that you have to allow God to work in your life. The squeezing might hurt but in the end, you will be a sweet offering to others.

Without it you will be a bitter drink that many won’t wan’t to swallow.

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