How routines help manage depression

Routines save us. They keep us on track between times of inspiration. This is nowhere more true than in the case of depression.

Yet, I often read blogs where I can tell the writer has never thought of this. They simply let depression call the shots. I used to do that too, till I realized that if I allow depression to rule my routine, I’m letting it control my life.

Yes, I understand, having been there myself, that it’s hard to establish a routine when we’re depressed. Truth is, it’s probably not possible. But that’s why during the better periods of our lives, we use that time to develop and practice a routine so it becomes so ingrained in us, we engage in it no matter how we’re feeling.

The routines of ordinary life are a powerful tool on the fight for mental health.

My routines are very basic.


routine  good for depression

breakfast, MAKE THE BED, put on my “face”, time with God, and the day goes on from there. Later on, I squeeze in exercise, a real “biggee” in keeping depression at bay. Many studies have proven exercise to be as beneficial as medication.

exercise good for depression

Most everyone functions better with structure and routine. Isn’t it amazing how simple things can make such a difference?

routines good for depression


With depression, we keep trying to discover the “whys” and I wonder sometimes if the “whys” are as important as the “what’s”.





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    1. Thank you so much Gertrude. I’m having a rough time today so I’m taking my own advice. Hope your day is going well. God bless and have a good day.

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